mirror in the sky, what is love?


hi my name is briana!!
my spiritanimals include those of the queen miss Rachel Berry, the straight up bitch Santana, cutiepie britt, queenbitch Quinn, & even sometimes Finny-D.
i ship just about everything that can be shipped (some more than others ofcourse) as long as there's love there, ill ship it. my OTP is finchel {otp:you inspire me}
other favorite ships are BRITTANA, faberry, quick, klaine, kurtofsky, pezberry, brittberry, samades, hummelberry, puckelberry & more
afternoon delight
{the gif isnt mine i just love it so much & it basically describes me! when i find the source ill put it here}

it started around a piano then, too.

but it would be different this time.

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